10th Album Update #1

‘sup, if you’re eager for an update, there you have it!

Last time I told you about a new album on the way, and it’s still in progress. It’s going great, I think I’ve made it at least halfway through in terms of recording. Then I’ll have to mix it, but that should take less time.

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I Changed My Mind

Yo everybody, this time around it’s been not very long. So, I’ve learnt a new lesson again and I want to share it here, because aside from being the headquarter of my project for the three or four of you who are actually interested, this place is also a sort of journal of things that I learn and things that happen in my life.

2016 was a rough year for me. Lots of things have changed. Something finished, something started, something drifted away. Questions were asked, answers came – however definitely not all of them. All in all, 2016 was the year when I finally took the contorted and uncomfortable and dangerous path of introspection. Continue reading I Changed My Mind

“Siberia”, Diaframma cover

Howdy, it’s been awhile.

Today I want to share a rare event for MTATT for two reasons. First off, it’s a cover song. I don’t record many cover songs. I think this is my 4th or 5th cover in 7 years.

However, the song is called “Siberia”. It was originally written and recorded in 1984 by the Italian band Diaframma. And, as you can imagine, it’s an Italian song which is the second rare event this song is about. My other Italian song so far is “Remota”, an original one of mine that I first released on my rookie album “Behind The Black Curtain” and then remastered last year on my collection “Stage\One”.

I made a YouTube video for “Siberia”, which you can find below.

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New Album CALEB’S CURSE is out NOW!

Hey now, so the time has finally come.

619 days after my proper latest release (that was “Fallen Down Trees”), now I have a new album. It’s called CALEB’S CURSE and it’s available now for free at my Bandcamp page. Or, if you have no time to lose, simply use the form below here to listen.

I want to talk a little bit about this album, but first things first. Continue reading New Album CALEB’S CURSE is out NOW!

“Wings”, and Farewell to 2016

Hello folks,

Today I’m here to give you a brand new song. It’s called “Wings” and it’s about the story of Icarus. It’s a sort of prologue to the beginning of My Terminal And The Trip. Back in 2011 I released my rookie album called “Behind The Black Curtain”, and the other title I thought of for the album was “Icarus’ Revenge”. Now Icarus lives in this song. However, there are few references to “The Twelve Tasks of Asterix”.

Anyway, you can listen to the song here

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Hobby or Art?? a.k.a. experimenting with Yasunao Tone’s technique

This is a sort of re-post of something that I had in another blog that I’m about to delete. I’m posting it here because I think it’s an interesting story/rant/whatever. The original date is 22nd March 2016, I edited something though. Enjoy!

As I’m writing this, I’m about to mix the first song I’ve ever recorded after a few months. Despite it’s a spontaneous punk-ish experiment, lately I’m working to create “something new”. The reason of the quote-unquote is the will to create something that’s not just another song or album. Continue reading Hobby or Art?? a.k.a. experimenting with Yasunao Tone’s technique

“MAGMA” is cancelled!!!

Bad news or good news, depends on the way you see it!

Over the last few months I talked about an album I was working on called “Magma”, I released two songs from that record (“Perpetual Dead Rose” and “War and Fights”), and I’ve completed 6-7 songs so far. They are in my computer in this moment. I intended to release the full album earlier in 2017… but that’s not going to happen. Continue reading “MAGMA” is cancelled!!!