Improvisation #1 – Soundtoys 5 Effect Rack + AKAI LPD8

Happy new year everyone! May this be YOUR year.

To kick off 2017, I have a little improvisation for you that I made using Soundtoys 5 Effect Rack + AKAI LPD8. It features a drum loop that eventually becomes… something just a little bit different. Enjoy!

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“Wings”, and Farewell to 2016

Hello folks,

Today I’m here to give you a brand new song. It’s called “Wings” and it’s about the story of Icarus. It’s a sort of prologue to the beginning of My Terminal And The Trip. Back in 2011 I released my rookie album called “Behind The Black Curtain”, and the other title I thought of for the album was “Icarus’ Revenge”. Now Icarus lives in this song. However, there are few references to “The Twelve Tasks of Asterix”.

Anyway, you can listen to the song here

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Hobby or Art?? a.k.a. experimenting with Yasunao Tone’s technique

This is a sort of re-post of something that I had in another blog that I’m about to delete. I’m posting it here because I think it’s an interesting story/rant/whatever. The original date is 22nd March 2016, I edited something though. Enjoy!

As I’m writing this, I’m about to mix the first song I’ve ever recorded after a few months. Despite it’s a spontaneous punk-ish experiment, lately I’m working to create “something new”. The reason of the quote-unquote is the will to create something that’s not just another song or album. Continue reading Hobby or Art?? a.k.a. experimenting with Yasunao Tone’s technique

“MAGMA” is cancelled!!!

Bad news or good news, depends on the way you see it!

Over the last few months I talked about an album I was working on called “Magma”, I released two songs from that record (“Perpetual Dead Rose” and “War and Fights”), and I’ve completed 6-7 songs so far. They are in my computer in this moment. I intended to release the full album earlier in 2017… but that’s not going to happen. Continue reading “MAGMA” is cancelled!!!

I Remember Everything.

Nights like this are super helpful to remember why I love music so much. Music speaks, talks to you. It’s a diary of emotions, a photo album of a specific time of your life, whether it’s music you wrote or somebody else’s.

Tonight I’m listening to this song

“Black Heart” is a song originally written by my friend Gerardo Konte although its original name was “Kuorenero”, more or less the Italian translation. I was the bassist of The Nine Tears during that time and Gerardo was (and still is) the keyboard player. Continue reading I Remember Everything.

New Song: Perpetual Dead Rose

Morning everyone! I have big news today cos I have a new single up for everyone to stream and download.

As you might remember, I’m working on a Numan-meets-Duran Duran album recently. I took a pause from it to mix a My Terminal And The Trip song that I had already recorded in July.

The song is called Perpetual Dead Rose, and I’m very proud of this song. I think you will like it and it will blast your speakers out. You can stream/buy it here:

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A Weird Project In The Summer Past Ferragosto

Hello everyone in the year 200X. This is Carlo from the year 2016.

It’s August, which means it’s Summer which means it’s hot. Before I turn this post into an unusual combination of nerdy quotes and grumpy weather talk, let me say that I’m alive in all the sense you want to interpret this.

First, a couple of days ago I had a car crash. Pretty bad actually, but since I’m typing this you can guess I’m fine. I am in one piece. It’s just a bit uncomfortable having an orthopedic collar during the Summer and I can’t drive – also because my car is pretty screwed up and will need a lot of work and time to fix it. However, I’m writing this only because there’s a reason with what follows. It’s all connected. Continue reading A Weird Project In The Summer Past Ferragosto