#CarloWrites50Songs – Digest no. 2


Here’s another short version of what happened this week in my challenge #CarloWrites50Songs. Again, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, please read here.

This week has been more experimental than the previous. I started off by making a song on piano and a lot of reverb. I named it “Still Learning”. As you can see, I did use reverb.

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Please, be yourself!

Today as I’m waiting for my headphones to get a little bit of charge, I wanna reflect on something. I won’t do any proofread, I need to put this down.

If you like my music and read my blog, you know that the last months haven’t been so productive. Madrid, new city, new house, a lot of new things. You get used to them and time is short, but now I’m back in the saddle with my 50 songs challenge. I don’t know if it’s because I hadn’t written anything in months but ideas are literally flowing so far. This afternoon I was writing a song, and it’s very distorted, maybe too much distorted, but I flippin love it.

Since I need to write 36 more songs before the end of the month, I can’t be the perfect guy who polishes everything and/or wants a certain direction for his music. I’m literally developing whatever comes to my mind that I believe it’s fairly worth pursuing. This taught me (again) a lesson that I need to constantly remind myself: Continue reading Please, be yourself!

#CarloWrites50Songs – Digest no. 1

Hello everybody, this is the first round up of my insane challenge of writing 50 songs until the end of May.

I’m a little overdue with this, but we have some good news.

Yes I started and I’m writing, and as I said on the main post, I’m documenting this over Twitter with the hashtag #CarloWrites50Songs. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please read here.

Anyway, it started off greatly with two songs written in the same day, 15 April. At this point I was at 6 songs written because, again, I started with 4 songs already written. Continue reading #CarloWrites50Songs – Digest no. 1

I’m Writing 50 New Songs

Hello everyone, this is Carlo and I’m back on this quiet and lonely and post-pizza Saturday night at home!

First of all, shame on me! Last time I wrote here I told I worked on a song. Well, I released that song like the following day and forgot it to post it here. I see that now. Shame on me!

The new song is called “Giungle” (Jungles), and yes, it’s the second Italian song of my career after “Remota” – or third, if you want to count “Potato Boy”.

Anyway, it’s on Spotify:

No, that’s not a switch to Italian. It just happened to come out in Italian.

After “Giungle” I moved on, or better say, I moved again.

I’m still in Madrid but I am now in a different apartment. It’s a place on my own and I should stay here for quite a while. Hence, after looking for places and visit them and taking care of the boring but necessary bureaucratic side of renting a house, now I can concentrate on making music again, backing in the saddle and trying to build a Spanish home studio.

A New Challenge

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Hello chads, I’m alive!

First of all, happy new year! There are quite a few news, let’s start with the most overdue one.

Saturday 14th October 2017, I took my stuff and moved to Madrid, Spain. The reason is because of my job, but details are pretty boring.

The whole MTATT or My Terminal And The Trip project is hence now located in Spain, of course.

After spending some time trying to get myself an apartment and a more stable situation, I’m back at thinking about how to develop myself artistically. I’ve been in disposable houses, guest at friend’s house, even sleeping on the couch. But the future is always brighter than the crap you experience in transitional times. Continue reading Blossom

“Bloodsports” Release Day

My new album “Bloodsports” is finally out TODAY, on my 34th birthday. I’m very excited about this one, I love it and it has a lot of emotional stuff. I won’t flood you with words this time, I want you to listen to the music. You can find it everywhere this time around. I’ll leave you some links.

Bandcamp https://myterminalandthetrip.bandcamp.com/album/bloodsports
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/4cEC1BkrNgHdxXuXCwcKmo
iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/bloodsports/id1245820728?
Amazon https://www.amazon.it/dp/B071JSWQ2R/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_dp_T1_aL3pzbXX6F1Z6
Google Play https://play.google.com/store/music/album/My_Terminal_and_the_Trip_Bloodsports?id=Bvrmautbfxevnxueanw7pgttexi

…and also on Tidal, Deezer, Pandora. Everywhere!

Happy listening, and be nice!

10th Album Update #4 – I Hate Approaching the Finish Line

I’m horrible at this.

As I’m typing this, I should be listening to my songs to see if there’s something that needs to be changed. I will do it eventually – it’s 3:06 in the afternoon – because today it’s Mixing Deadline Day and that means that all the songs must be ready tonight so Monday and Tuesday can be used for mastering and sending “Bloodsports” to my distributor, if I want to have my music on streaming service by 13 June. Continue reading 10th Album Update #4 – I Hate Approaching the Finish Line

10th Album Update #2

I’m overdue for Easter, but… happy Easter everyone!

New update about my new album, which is going pretty good. Aw, first things first.

I do have an official title for the new album, which is BLOODSPORTS. It’s official now! The name “bloodsports” synthesises perfectly themes I talk about and describe on the lyrics, and as you might know I suck at naming songs or records. Once I get a not-suck idea, I might just stick with that.

I also created the artwork but I’m saving it for another day. It’s sooo cool!

Progression Table

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I like to talk about what inspire artists. I think that, as an artist, it’s important for me to always be looking around me. What happens in the world, what I can take from the world. It just make what I do more interesting and fun to do. I don’t like to do the same stuff over and over again, neither I see the point of doing everything exactly the same all the time.

When people ask me who or what inspire me, or which bands I take inspiration from, I just have a hard time to answer and usually I answer with “Life!”. That sounds a lot like a bohemienne-style answer or something philosophically hipster, but it’s just the true and I’m not trying to play the complex artist.

I do think that there are people and bands that inspire a musician. I don’t believe it when someone says that they don’t take inspiration from anyone, I don’t see that possible. At the same time I believe that inspiration stops where your mind and your creativity kick in, and that you carry along the inspiration you had when you first started making music. Continue reading Inspirations