Hi! I’m Carlo, I’m a bedroom musician from Italy, and since 2010 I have a solo project called MTATT (a.k.a. My Terminal And The Trip).

I use computers and technology to create my music in combination with real instruments such as guitar and bass. I try to create music that it’s sincere and not boring, combining elements of various styles that I love such as rock, electronic, heavy music, and ambient. Usually people say that I make electronic music. I like to think that I use electronics to make music.

Last year I released a compilation called “Stage\One” that sums up everything I did in the first five years of MTATT.

With the release of my 9th and latest album “Caleb’s Curse”, a new cycle for MTATT has begun. More creative, more experimental, less conventional, more unconventional.

Here’s one song off of “Caleb’s Curse” that will help you understand what I’m up to.

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See ya!