10th Album Update #3

As I’m writing I’m approaching to the finish line of this new adventure that I decided to call “Bloodsports”. I recently took the courage to commit to get my music up on Spotify, iTunes, and other digital platforms, this album is going to be the first one.

“Bloodsports” is going to be out on 13th June, hopefully. It’s my birthday. “Bloodsports” will have 14 songs, hopefully. I do have a tracklist but haven’t decided yet if all the 14 songs will make it. I’m at the last stages of the record. Half of the songs are mixed and ready. The other half needs to be reviewed and then this weekend I’m gonna be presumably tweaking like crazy, so that I can master the album on Monday and send it out on Tuesday.

I do have an artwork, but I’m gonna keep it for the album release.

However, the reason why I’m here today is “Bloodsports”. I realised that I needed to write and I thought about doing it here because it’s in relation with music. I’ve been “obsessed” during the last 2 weeks about this new album. Maybe obsessed is not the right word, but having a new job, preparing a half marathon in June, producing your next record all at the same time is exhausting. It’s truly exhausting.

Beware, this is not a complain. It’s just that this morning I had in my calendar to review a song at 7:30am. I post-poned it to tonight, because I couldn’t do it. I need time for myself. Sure, other times I would had come at this stage of the production that I was truly obsessed by the record, thinking about it 24/7, working on it at every spare moment. I’m not doing that now – in fact, I’m not feeling exhausted.

But I need to write more.

This album won’t have an ebook, just like “Caleb’s Curse” didn’t. “Friendly Fire” had one and I wanted to keep this bonus for every album. It remains the only one to date. I started to write a book for “Bloodsports”, but I didn’t work on it and now I’m short of time to proofread it and finish it. I also wanted to have an Italian version of it, but I’m definitely short of time for this.

Since it’s a sort of autobiography, I’m keeping it for future plans though. If I don’t change my mind and decided that my autobiography is not people’s cup of tea.

Lately I’ve been fascinated with Norse mythology. I would love to read more of that, but I have no freaking clue of where to start. And I want a book, I don’t want a video documentary on YouTube or whatever. I need to read more. And I need new inputs for my music.

Be nice,



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