10th Album Update #2

I’m overdue for Easter, but… happy Easter everyone!

New update about my new album, which is going pretty good. Aw, first things first.

I do have an official title for the new album, which is BLOODSPORTS. It’s official now! The name “bloodsports” synthesises perfectly themes I talk about and describe on the lyrics, and as you might know I suck at naming songs or records. Once I get a not-suck idea, I might just stick with that.

I also created the artwork but I’m saving it for another day. It’s sooo cool!

Progression Table

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 9.30.36 am.png
Green means “done”. Red means “to do”. Grey means “not needed.”

As you can see, “Bloodsports” is basically finished in terms of recording music. I need to record vocals for most of the tracks. I think that it’s just lead vocals in a couple of songs, but yeah, I’m heading towards the completing of this new child.

Two major updates since the last post. First, The Amber Hole has now all the instruments recorded. Music-wise it’s very close to “Caleb’s Curse”, however the song structure is more conventional. I might re-record a couple of guitars because I’m not sure they’re working but that’s pretty much it.

The second thing is that To The Edge has been recorded in its entirety. It’s the second song of the album after La Photothèque recorded completely on an iPad. I didn’t plan it, it just evolved naturally. To The Edge is a special song to me. I wrote it in 2009 because something happened and I wanted to lay down my feelings. I never recorded because it’s.. different. From 2009 to present day, “something” happened at least two other times, pretty much in the same way. You’ll hear that it’s different, and because it’s different I’d always thought that I should have wait for a situation in which the song could fit. I don’t know if it does now, but I’m releasing it anyway.

I’m planning to record all the vocals with the Lewitt DGT 650. I got fantastic results with La Photothèque and To The Edge.

I don’t know if I’m going to record Mellowland, mostly because I think I already have many good songs. I wouldn’t want to make another 13 to 15 song album, but that would mean to cut away some songs and I really have no idea. As of today, it would be 14 songs.

I also made changes to the title track, Bloodsports. There was a part at the end that was very different comparing to the rest of the song. It was a sort of acoustic coda, but then I realised that I did the same thing on Perpetual Dead Rose and so I wanted to do something different. So I played with a distorted drum loop and laid down some guitar parts. Now it’s more ambient. I also changed the tempo of the song, from 96-ish to 70-ish. I posted two clips on my Instagram of me recording that new coda, which I then uploaded on YouTube. You can find them here below

That’s it. Be nice,


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