I Changed My Mind

Yo everybody, this time around it’s been not very long. So, I’ve learnt a new lesson again and I want to share it here, because aside from being the headquarter of my project for the three or four of you who are actually interested, this place is also a sort of journal of things that I learn and things that happen in my life.

2016 was a rough year for me. Lots of things have changed. Something finished, something started, something drifted away. Questions were asked, answers came – however definitely not all of them. All in all, 2016 was the year when I finally took the contorted and uncomfortable and dangerous path of introspection.

Although I’m not going deeper as long as it concerns my private life, this led me to re-think a lot of my approach to music. You might remember I almost completely trashed the album Magma I was working on and create something anew called Caleb’s Curse. In 57 days and blah blah blah. Patting myself on the back but I already talked about this.

Sooo, this process of self-analysis took me to re-calibrate myself on a lot of my previous works. I listened to my whole discography for awhile and discovered that I have different feelings now. More critical, more genuine, not the usual being hard on myself for what I could have done differently.

I’m more able to be easy on myself and on my old songs and albums, because I’ve always did my best at the time of the making. Always. While this is not an excuse not to improve, I feel I can honestly say that a song made some years ago is not complete rubbish just because of inexperience.


Along with that, I listened to the 6 songs supposed to be on Magma and… I changed my mind! I know I said that they weren’t very good, but I probably said that in a moment of anger towards myself and my incompetence to creating something perfect.

Perfection is what I looked for most of the times in my life, also in music. But I’m not perfect. I can’t be perfect. I can only be me, and I have to “forgive” me for this.

Those songs weren’t, aren’t and are never going to be perfect, but guess what, they can be good. They are good. I guess I have a different cable that connects my ears to my brain and my heart.

All this rant was necessary for what I’m about to tell you, which is that I know it’s been less than two months since the release of Caleb’s Curse, but I’m currently working on my 10th record. I started.

I created my typical folder with all the material for the album, and I have 14 sessions at the moment. 3 of them are just very cool ideas but still ideas, so down to 11. 4 of them are the unreleased songs from Magma. “Perpertual Dead Rose” and “War and Fights” are there too and there’s a chance that I will include them. 2 are remakes of 2 old songs of mine that I want to re-record. There are 3 new songs, freshly made, plus the 3 ideas.

You might think that it’s just a collection of outtakes, but it’s not. There’s a precise sense behind this songs, and also those who were finished for Magma are going to be re-opened and edited.

I need this album to tell myself that I can deal with my past and that I don’t need to be ashamed of it. That won’t make me live better.

I need this album to tell myself that it’s okay to change my mind and that I totally can do that.

I need this album to prove myself that I’m better than the guy who was constantly beating himself up for not being perfect.

I need this album to prove myself that I’m a better man.

Also I need this album to continue to expand my creativity, and I’m doing it. Probably you will hear some drum-and-bass-y songs typical from Friendly Fire or Stage\One, but there will be also something more extreme. I recorded guitars and bass for a song on my iPad. Can you believe it?


I have a new mic, a Lewitt DGT 670 which is an USB/lightning mic (pictured above), and it has a little box which is actually a small audio interface that features a input jack. This box connects via USB to a computer or via Lightning to an iPhone or an iPad. That’s right.

A couple of nights ago I was working on this song, and I couldn’t believe that all the guitars and bass were recorded on an iPad. The iPad is becoming more and more part of my workflow. It’s becoming an instrument, and I believe that in the future it will be a proper instrument.


Anyway, all this rant to say that I’m making new music. I’m losing control.

But yeah, my 10th album is building up. I don’t know how long it will take but I want to finish it before the end of the Summer. I’m taking my time this time. And it’s not going to be called Magma. It will have a different name, I’ll think about it.

If you missed my other 9 records, here they are all lined up.

Be nice (or at least try to,)


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