“Siberia”, Diaframma cover

Howdy, it’s been awhile.

Today I want to share a rare event for MTATT for two reasons. First off, it’s a cover song. I don’t record many cover songs. I think this is my 4th or 5th cover in 7 years.

However, the song is called “Siberia”. It was originally written and recorded in 1984 by the Italian band Diaframma. And, as you can imagine, it’s an Italian song which is the second rare event this song is about. My other Italian song so far is “Remota”, an original one of mine that I first released on my rookie album “Behind The Black Curtain” and then remastered last year on my collection “Stage\One”.

I made a YouTube video for “Siberia”, which you can find below.

As always, a little more about this song.

For non-Italians – Diaframma is a band from Florence who was formed in 1980 and played post-punk and new wave. “Siberia” is from their 1982 debut album which has the same name. It’s a very known band in Italy, at least in the alternative rock scene. Their lyrics were and are incredible. “Siberia” is the one of the few albums not sung by Federico Fiumani, leader of the band and lyricist and songwriter. Today their music is very different, more towards like an alternative singer-songwriting style. You can learn more about the band here and look for them on Spotify.

I had this version in my mind for YEARS, stripped down only to an acoustic guitar and a piano. For some reason, I never sat and recorded it. This year in January, right after finishing my latest album “Caleb’s Curse”, I wanted to continue making music somehow. I thought it would be a great moment to just have fun with a cover song, and I decided to finally work on my version of “Siberia”.

It was completely recorded in a weekend, a Saturday and a Sunday. I took my time to really dig into the mood of the song. Curiously enough there was a lot of snow during that weekend, so it felt perfect. I recorded vocals with a Shure SM58, held in my hand rather than on a stand, and I was walking around the room while recording. The drones were recorded via an iPad mini – an “instrument” that I’m using more and more lately. Also, I knew that in a matter of a week I would had moved back to Florence. As I said Diaframma is from Florence, so it was a sort of an attempt to pay a little tribute to this city. I don’t know, it’s surely connected though.

And since it’s an Italian song, I’ll provide lyrics for it so you can follow along.

Il ghiaccio si confonde
con il cielo, con gli occhi
e quando il buio si avvicina
vorrei rapire il freddo
in un giorno di sole
che potrebbe tornare in un attimo solo.
Forse stanotte,
se avrò attraversato
la strada che non posso vedere
poi in un momento
coprirò le distanze
per raggiungere il fuoco
che vive sotto la neve.

I nostri occhi impauriti
nelle stanze gelate,
al chiarore del petrolio bruciato
e oltre il muro il silenzio,
oltre il muro solo ghiaccio e silenzio.

Aspetterò questa notte pensandoti,
nascondendo nella neve il respiro,
poi in un momento diverso dagli altri
io coprirò il peso di queste distanze.


Fun fact. I met Federico Fiumani (the leader of the band) a couple of years ago, when he played acoustic versions of songs from his latest solo album in a bookshop in Florence. He was very nice, he was hanging around the bookshop after he played and I got chance to talk to him for a couple of minutes. Also, I got chance to take a photo with him. I’m not the kind of guy who collects pics with celebrities, I usually introduce myself first and talk a little bit and that’s it. This time, however, was one of the rare exceptions for me. So, I’ll post the picture here:


That’s it for today, enjoy and be nice,



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