New Album CALEB’S CURSE is out NOW!

Hey now, so the time has finally come.

619 days after my proper latest release (that was “Fallen Down Trees”), now I have a new album. It’s called CALEB’S CURSE and it’s available now for free at my Bandcamp page. Or, if you have no time to lose, simply use the form below here to listen.

I want to talk a little bit about this album, but first things first.

MTATT is the “new” name of the project. It’s simply the acronym of My Terminal And The Trip which, however, will continue to be included here and there for a while. Now, on to “Caleb’s Curse”.

It’s my 9th album as MTATT since 2010. It’s a lot in my humble opinion. I’ve been through different stages in this project, from alternative rock to lo-fi-to shoegaze to drum and bass inspired stuff. Let me say that I regret nothing. Everything I’ve done has contribute to define the person I am and the music I play.

However, 2016 was a year of a change for me. I’m serious, a lot of things happened in my life both around me and within me. It was also the reason for I put together “Stage\One”, because I had the feeling that something would had change.

And it did.

I produced “Caleb’s Curse” in just a matter of weeks. Just for fun I did the math by looking at dates of creation and modification of the files of the project, and I figured out that I worked from 16 July to 22 July 2016 and from 23 November 2016 to 10 January 2017. It’s 57 days, and I didn’t even worked on it everyday, but still… I created from scratch and finished “Caleb’s Curse” in 57 days. It’s by far the quickest album I’ve ever made. And I think it’s my best one.

Musicians always say that their latest release is the best one, so they hope that sales (or streamings?) will be high. I’m not, simply because I don’t earn by making music.

I can honestly say that what you will hear in “Caleb’s Curse” is the 19-year-old version of Carlo (when I started making music at home) in combination with the 33-year-old Carlo, who learnt something about home recording and himself too. When you do something like music for SO many years, it’s inevitable that you focus more on the technical side and your spontaneity comes short, in one way or another.

I learnt how to be spontaneous again, and I think you can hear that. “Caleb’s Curse” doesn’t have much choruses, is a weird album, is filthy and dirty, it squeezes grime out all over the place, has tons of distortion, and almost no song has the structure verse-chorus-verse-chorus. And that’s the way I like it. THIS is who I am now, and I’ve been completely honest with myself and this record this time around.

“Caleb’s Curse” is inspired to the 1994-1995 CBS TV series “American Gothic”, which is a series that I completely love and I already wrote a song about it.

“Caleb’s Curse” was done only with a laptop, an audio interface, a Shure SM58, some virtual and real and toy instruments, an iPhone, an iPad, and creativity. Because that’s the way I felt I had to do it.

It’s far from being perfect and polished, but it has a lot of heart. I do believe it’s the best description I can give to the album.

I’ve listened to “Caleb’s Curse” for the past few days and I love it. I’m completely in love with it. The other day I listened to it and I asked myself Did I make this album??

It’s crazy if I think that I made it in only 57 days. The confirmation that something has changed for me is that I don’t feel exhausted now that I finished the album. I could had kept going on.

But yeah, things have changed. You can consider “Caleb’s Curse” a fresh start, if you wish. I myself think it’s my 9th album, the one in which I took my spontaneity back and my creativity has started to flow out with no brakes.

I’ve got the feeling that it’s gonna be the way to go from now on, so be prepared.

Again “Caleb’s Curse” is available here and it’s free, because I want you to listen in your iPod or phone in case you’re that kind of person. If you think it has value, please leave a tip!

Be nice and happy listening,



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