“MAGMA” is cancelled!!!

Bad news or good news, depends on the way you see it!

Over the last few months I talked about an album I was working on called “Magma”, I released two songs from that record (“Perpetual Dead Rose” and “War and Fights”), and I’ve completed 6-7 songs so far. They are in my computer in this moment. I intended to release the full album earlier in 2017… but that’s not going to happen.

Following a sort of musical crisis, when I rarely sat back to write or even play some music without a real goal for over a month, I came back to the project and I felt that I was forcing it all, and that the only two good songs are in fact the ones that I released.

screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-11-22-15-pm“Magma” is no more.

That album will remain unfinished and unreleased.

“Perpetual Dead Rose” and “War and Fights” will remain stand-alone singles and never be featured in any future album. Don’t misunderstood me, I like them and I won’t regret them . Ever.

The good news is that I’m unlearning a lot of bad stuff and learning a lot about my music identity. That has led me to find new inspiration, and new ideas are literally falling into place. Lately, I’m making music with such enthusiasm and spontaneousness that I haven’t had ever since I first started playing and recording, about 15 years ago.

Since I basically announced two records that eventually got cancelled, I don’t wanna say that I will release something in the near future. But I AM working on new music that sound like completely new stuff, and I AM releasing something very very soon.

For now I don’t really want to say more than this, but you’ll be surprised 🙂

Be nice,


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