New Song: War And Fights

Howdy everyone,

today a brand new single from my next album “Magma” is out. It’s called War and Fights.


This song is about the innocence you have when you’re a child and how you lose it as time passes by. I kept all the instruments in the 8-12 bit range, because sonically to me childhood means sounds from video game consoles such as Amiga and Nintendo Game Boy. Also, there are lots of samples typical from those machines.

You can listen to it here (and click the “buy” button if you want to download it)

Also, if you’re into Lyric Videos, I made one which is available here

This is the song that I wrote last Summer in Isernia, in the middle of wilderness.

As far as the progression of the album itself, six songs are completed including War and Fights and Perpetual Dead Rose. I have a bunch of other songs on my to-do list and probably it’s gonna take a bit before the album is released. My goal is sometime between January and February 2017. I’m working one song at a time.

Be nice,



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