A Lesson and Some Song Titles


Yesterday morning I experienced something both frustrating which eventually turned into satisfaction. It’s a very common thing amongst home-studio-heads, and when it happens I relearn this lesson that I unlearn every-single-time.

So, I have this song that so far it’s probably my favourites from the new MTATT album, and I scheduled to mix it yesterday morning since it was fully recorded. As I fire up my Logic session and start to move the faders, I realise that my vocals sucked. Seriously, they sucked. There were out-of-key parts and a generic feeling of being forced. I try to “fix it” with technology, but after five minutes I stopped and I admitted myself that it wasn’t going to be working.

So I went upstairs (I’m recording vocals in my attic these days), practice the song twice form start to finish, and then I recorded two passes of the lead vocal. One after the other. Then I took the best parts of the two takes into a new one. The result? MUCH better performance, much better feeling, much better everything. I also managed to compile the unused parts of the two takes so to create a vocal double.

The lesson here is, don’t be lazy. A song is something that it’s going to stay that way forever, unless you re-record it. Like I said, every time I unlearn that re-record a part that doesn’t quite work is much
better than fixing it. Do the same, please!

Now, the news. For the three of you who read my blog, I have a bad and a good news.

The bad news is that the Wave Avenue record is cancelled – that would be the Gary Numan-meets-Duran Duran style album. I realised that it wasn’t on my ropes and I was forcing it, so rather than create something mediocre that would had stolen time to the next MTATT album, I decided to call it a day and move on with the MTATT album.

The good news is there are a couple Wave Avenue songs that I would feel bad if I let them die in my hard drive, so I’m going to take them and record them for the new MTATT album – which by the way is under the working title of Magma. These two songs are called “This Time” and “The Amber Hole” (it’s not what you think!), and probably I will re-arrange them to fit the style of Magma.

Let’s unleash some song titles too. I’m re-recording some old songs such as “In Daybreaks” and “Where Hedges Never Grow” from my rookie album Behind The Black Curtain, cos I like them but recording-wise I was so inexperienced back then and those songs suffered it. There’s also a song that for now is called “Luna”, which is an instrumental that I wrote and first recorded in 2003 when I was 20. Same deal here. I don’t know whether they will make it on the album, but I’m recording them.

There are also brand new songs obviously such as “Counting Stars”, “Innocence”, “Halcyon Days” and “The Ambush”, but you don’t know anything about it. Oh wait, “Innocence” is the iPad song.

That’s all for today, be nice!



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