New Song: Perpetual Dead Rose

Morning everyone! I have big news today cos I have a new single up for everyone to stream and download.

As you might remember, I’m working on a Numan-meets-Duran Duran album recently. I took a pause from it to mix a My Terminal And The Trip song that I had already recorded in July.

The song is called Perpetual Dead Rose, and I’m very proud of this song. I think you will like it and it will blast your speakers out. You can stream/buy it here:

Or, if you want it for free, just send me an email and I’ll give you an mp3. If you don’t like Bandcamp, alternative solutions are at YouTube and Soundcloud.

Those of you who paid attention noticed that yesterday my song was premiered on the show Interferenze on the web-radio Radio Athena Beat. You can listen the replay of the show until 4th September everyday at 6pm and 11pm. Here’s the link.

It feels so good to have a new song out after so long. It’s also kind a new thing for me because I’ve always thought about my music album-wise and not in terms of single songs. That being said, I’m going to release a new MTATT album for sure at somewhere in time. I’m working on its concept, but I will release for sure other spare songs before it’s finished.

However, before I start working on it I’m going to finish the Numan/Duran Duran record. By the way, I came up with a name for this album, which is Wave Avenue.

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