A Weird Project In The Summer Past Ferragosto

Hello everyone in the year 200X. This is Carlo from the year 2016.

It’s August, which means it’s Summer which means it’s hot. Before I turn this post into an unusual combination of nerdy quotes and grumpy weather talk, let me say that I’m alive in all the sense you want to interpret this.

First, a couple of days ago I had a car crash. Pretty bad actually, but since I’m typing this you can guess I’m fine. I am in one piece. It’s just a bit uncomfortable having an orthopedic collar during the Summer and I can’t drive – also because my car is pretty screwed up and will need a lot of work and time to fix it. However, I’m writing this only because there’s a reason with what follows. It’s all connected.

Even lyrics are being written fast. Few second thoughts…

I’m having so much dead time or spare time or whatever you wanna call it. I’m writing and recording a little side project during this time. It’s very instinctive and everything is fast. Writing is fast, recording is fast, no second thoughts, mostly because I can’t stay for long in front of the computer before my brain and my back get tired. I like this approach though. I wrote a bunch of songs and one of them is almost recorded in its entirety.

I’m planning to release this album for sure. I think it will be something like 8 songs, and if I can I would love to release it before the Summer ends, so I can rest a bit and wake up when September ends. It’s very different from the music I usually make. I’m trying to imagine a supergroup composed of Gary Numan on keys and Duran Duran’s Roger Taylor on drums. What would these guys’ 80s versions do if they were teleported in the present time and met me? What would we three do if we recorded an album together in the modern world? Sounds pretentious and bloody cheesy and the most stupid sci-fi film ever made, but that’s what inspired me. In plain English, I’m just trying to make an album where I have a ton of airy keyboards and 80s drums, put some modern guitars, record like a real band, mixing it as any other record of today’s world.

It’s not going to be a My Terminal And The Trip release. Too different and too upside down sonic-wise. I think I’ll have a name for it, but I still don’t know what the name is.

The 2nd Gen Focusrite Scarlett Solo. How SMALL is this thing??? Ridiculous..

I’m recording everything through a brand new-ish 2nd Gen Focusrite Scarlett Solo, which I traded it for a guitar pedal I had that was collecting dust in my shelf just a couple of days before the car crash. I must say that I’m impressed. I got it to make some easy mobile recording. Like, there’s a sort of forest near to my place and I would love to do some field recording there. I thought however to record this entire album with that interface just to see how it goes. Well, I’m impressed. It’s a minuscole box and it’s super clean. Love it!

To wrap this post up, a free lesson on Italian culture. Every 15th of August we celebrate “Ferragosto”. Literally it would mean “Iron August”, but I don’t know and I can’t imagine why such a name. Originally, the holiday was to celebrate the Assumption of Jesus’ mother, Mary, so yes technically it’s a religious holiday, and yes you have all the religious feast things that you usually have in Italy. However, over time it has become a sort of “farewell to Summer”. Not that Summer is over, because here in Italy it usually lasts until mid September, but after Ferragosto a lot of people go back to the city, holidays are sort of over, less and less people are at the beach, and so on. You might wonder, what do you do at Ferragosto? The answer is nothing special. Celebrating for nothing is one of the Italians’ most successful activities. There are other countries where you have a sort of tradition tied to a holiday (I think of lovely kannelbullar and St. Lucia’s Day in Sweden), but not here. Except for Christmas and Easter, when there’s a holiday to celebrate you basically do whatever you want. Which also means that you aren’t really celebrating anything. Just lazy arses who wants to hang out.

So, we are past Ferragosto and I’m writing a record. So far so good.

Be nice,



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