Technology, Nature & Writing Songs

Hullo! First things first.

STAGE\ONE, my compilation/best of is out. You can access to it here or by clicking the front cover below

STAGE\ONE artwork
STAGE\ONE artwork

I spent last weekend in Isernia, in the region of Molise. It’s a nice, tiny city in the middle of mountains in Central-Southern Italy. My place to stay was in Pesche, a small town just 3km (1.8 miles) outside Isernia. It’s an outstanding area full of mountains, nature, green, trees, silence, peace and everything you can imagine when you long for a weekend of total relax and disconnection from the world.

These are some pictures I took there with my phone, completely unedited. Top to bottom – the view from my room; the old part of the town of Pesche as seen from the new part; a street in central Isernia. Click on the photo to enlarge.




However I was in Pesche most of the time, and I had chance to enjoy the peacefulness that the town can offer.

I had also long walks in the wilderness and many thoughts about my childhood. I grew up in the countryside and lived there until I was 13, then I moved in the middle of a town and lost the beauty of having hills and nature right outside my door.

I thought about how much I have missed it and I miss it without even realising it. I thought about how a person change the way he/she behaves as they grow up. I thought about how much I had fun being a kid and how I used to have fun with basically nothing and how today I can be unhappy with much more than what I had. I could play with everything. I was able to turn everything into a toy. I played hard for hours with 8-bit video games, and now I’m complaining about “crappy” graphics.

I thought that it’s a common path in everyone’s life. As you grow up you’re supposed to be smarter and more conscious of things. On the flipside, you lose your innocence. You lose that immediateness that makes you a kid. We lose it along the way, and complain that we don’t longer have it. But probably we’ve just unlearned how to be innocent.

I thought about all this and much more, and I wrote a song about it.

Yes, I wrote a song in the wilderness.

With my iPad Mini.

Signs of the times.

Here’s the screenshot of the GarageBand session.

File 05-07-16 10 59 40 AM

The song is called “Innocence”, of course. I recorded vocals in my room, for the sake of noise reduction. However I managed to do some “field recording” of the moment I wrote the music. If you look at the screenshot, you’ll see the bottom track that is greyed-out. That is it, and I decided that it’s going to be the outro of the song. I also have a lot of cool idea for this song.

“Innocence” will be on my next project, which for now is still super secret – or, if you follow me on various social medias you might already have an idea. Of course I will record it properly, this is just a demo.

However, I’m going to talk about it very very soon.

Be nice,



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