New Home

Oh well, welcome everyone!

Today I’m ending the absence of a headquarter place for MTATT (shorten for My Terminal And The Trip). My Tumblr was deleted quite awhile ago without being replaced, and surprisingly someone else took over my account name to talk about Skype – weird, huh?

MTATT is 6 this month and, against all odds, is still alive. I thought it would be appropriate to create a sort of home for this little baby of mine. This is why I am starting this blog. Happy bday MTATT!!!


There are links in the menu bar, feel free to use them to navigate through the website. There are some external links, but don’t worry, no one’s gonna die.

So here’s the plan for this place.

I’ll keep the blog section (this one) very, very informal. When I’ll have news or simply want to write about something, I will update it. Sections such as Contacts, Music and Bio are pretty straight-forward so I don’t have to explain.

For this first post, I’ll tell you both some memorabilia and some news.

Me in London, AD 2010

On this day 6 years ago I was living in London, and I had quit music for about one year. But since music is part of me at the same level as heart and lungs (I’m saying this in retrospective), I started to want to make music again.

I was alone though because obviously I had no band. So, since I knew that I was about to come back to Italy where all my kind of nerdy music-making things were, I thought “How about starting a new project from scratch?”. At this point it was May 2010. So, ideally, MTATT is 6 years & 1 month old this month. Practically, it is this month because it’s when I actually started.

To celebrate the first six years, I’ve put together a collection of my best songs in these first six years. So, if you ever wondered to cut off the bad tunes, this album will be for you.

STAGE\ONE contains sixteen songs, two are brand new = [Millions of Butterflies] and [These Are The Moments], two are re-recordings of [Numb] and [American Gothic] which I like but the original versions were too crappy-recorded. It’s been completed forever. It’s time to release it. This is the front cover.

STAGE\ONE artwork
STAGE\ONE artwork

Be nice,



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